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June 22 we celebrate Swedish Midsummer, a festival where herring and fresh potatoes are common on the dining table. How is it to live in Mallorca and celebrate Midsummer? If you wish to organize a traditional Midsummer, it is absolutely possible. In the Swedish grocery store Brittvid, located in Santa Catalina or at IKEA you can find both herring and sour cream among other things. Next week, a new shop will open in Illetas with just Swedish foods, so hurry up, as it usually gets empty during these festivals. If you want to dance around a midsummer bar (typical for Swedes), then the Swedish church organizes this on the beach in Can Pastilla. Below you will find more information.

Midsummer Eve on the beach

Friday June 22 at 19:30

We celebrate traditional midsummer’s eve together with SWEA on the beach of Playa de Palma, about 200 m from the hotel Miraflores, c / Xabex. There is bus 15 stop there. If you are coming by car, take off the motorway at exit 8. Everyone takes blankets, food and drinks, as well as flowers and leaves to dress the midsummer bar that is already on the beach.

Everyone is warmly welcomed!
Bring your children, grandchildren, grandmother, grandfather and the whole family!

Registration before June 18th to


San Juan

If you would like to continue the celebration of the Midsummer, it will continue the same weekend with the Spanish tradition called San Juan. San Juan is celebrated on the beach and a little later in the evening. Then friends and family get together to have a small picnic, many also makes a BBQ since you are allowed to do it during this day. At around 24.00 you go down to the water and swim, to many just put their feet but this will bring luck and happiness for the coming years.

We wish you a nice Midsummer / San Juan.