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Our old website has served us well for many years. It has reached high in search engines for relevant searches and received very good assessments from our customers: easy-navigated and informative.


Now it has become technologically old fashioned: difficult to read on mobiles and on tablets. We have therefore re-worked it completely. It may not seem so at first sight; the new website contains all the information and much of the design from the old one. But under the surface, it has had a complete re-make not only in adapting to mobiles and tablets but also using a brand-new database, which will provide faster and more secure access to the descriptions of the properties.

The new website allows you to choose between four languages: English, Swedish, German and Dutch. They are the company’s main languages, but we can also handle some other languages: Spanish, of course, but also French, Italian and a few Slavic and Nordic languages. The basis for everything is of course English and some sections and texts we have not translated, the original English text remains in all language versions – we assume that all our customers know English. This is particularly true in the descriptions of individual properties: the turnover of properties is so great that they do not last for a long time in the database, and it is more important that we help our customers than we spend our time translating to the other three languages. The blog will mostly be in English and Swedish.

When we start a “new” website all parts must work smoothly together, it’s absolutely amazing how many small details must work as planned. Therefore, there will be one or another bug, however much we have debugged the site. If you find any errors or bugs or have other suggestions, we are grateful for your viewpoints.

Regarding the blogs, we have plans for new and interesting themes and features, more or less related to Mallorca, purchase of properties in Mallorca, events, nature and culture in Mallorca. We can even allow ourselves to blog about something else that interests or amuses us, completely beyond our actual framework.

So, welcome to the new website and to its blog!